Providing Travertine Slabs and Tiles for Sale in Long Beach, CA and Surrounding Regions

Battaglia, Inc. aims to provide the highest quality of natural stones to Long Beach, California and its surrounding areas. As such, travertine slabs and tiles are among those natural stones we supply the state while ensuring you receive only the finest materials.

Travertine is arguably among the most versatile natural stones that one can use for a construction project. It’s a stone formed in hot springs, and that’s why it turns out to be visibly porous afterward. As a building material, this can be used for all sorts of surfaces. However, it’s primarily perfect for flooring, regardless of whether it’s for bathroom, kitchen, walkways, or even outdoors.

See, this material can adapt to many types of environments, depending on how it’s installed. You have the option to seal or keep it bare, and that decision alone already has a contribution in dictating which area the material can go to or how it can be used. In any case, this material — just like all other natural stones — can last up to centuries if installed and maintained properly. And wherever you may decide to put it, it will surely give the room or environment a light atmosphere thanks to its warm colors ranging from white or cream to even red.

If these are the properties you’re looking for to add to your building, whether it’s a residential space, a shop, or an office, then you simply must get in touch with us at Battaglia, Inc. right away. Not only do we have slabs but also travertine tiles for sale, and we are proud to claim that these are of the highest quality in Long Beach, California and the surrounding regions. So give us a call for a free estimate or browse through our website for more information.

With Battaglia, Inc., you can transform your property into becoming organically magnificent.

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