Various kinds of beautiful countertops & tiles in Los Angeles, California.

Battaglia, Inc. Marble & Granite Collection has both countertops and tiling, with installation offered near Harbor City, California. With more than 45 years of experience in the field, you can count on us for quality craftsmanship along with our top-notch products.

Marble & Granite Slabs

Our marble and granite slabs are imported from Italy, Brazil, and India. They are ideal for kitchen countertops, and are cut into blocks right at the quarry before a setter cuts and polishes the slabs. We carry two acres of raw granite and marble slabs.

Marble & Granite Tile

We also offer a vast selection of marble and granite tile to choose from, which is perfect for floors, walls and especially in showers. There are many sizes of tile to choose from, including 12" x 12" and 18" x 18". All sizes come in packs of 10.