We Offer Natural Quartzite Tiles across Long Beach, CA and Neighboring Areas

Both quartzite and quartz slabs are popular materials thanks to their appearance and quality. But if you are a true lover of natural stones, then you should definitely go for natural quartzite. Why? Well, that’s because quartz is actually synthetic in nature — man-made and manufactured — while quartzite is the true material that’s been quarried from the earth and later on refined to its beautiful appearance.

As such, one can’t fake the patterns on this stone. Quartzite usually comes in color gray with shapes and patterns on them that couldn’t be copied on quartz, which is engineered. This means that every slab and every tile of natural quartzite is unique. And as many claim, this has the beauty of marble as well as the quality of granite. It’s resistant to fire, heat, and even stain; what’s more, is that its color never fades or changes.

So if you’re the type that loves to integrate those unpredictable patterns and durability into your kitchen countertops, office tables, or room walls and flooring, then this is definitely the material to go for.

On that note, Battaglia, Inc. offers natural quartzite tiles to Long Beach, California and the rest of the region. And these are among the most stunning, most durable, and has the highest quality of the natural stones you can find in your area. So give us a call today or visit our contact page to submit a message. We offer free estimates and discounts. Just get in touch with us to find out how to avail yourself of them.

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