What is the difference between marble and granite?

Natural stole tile in Los Angeles has been commonly used to elevate any room to a more extravagant look. They are usually used for floors, countertops, and backsplashes. Since they are customizable, you can be quite flexible in terms of designs and it can result to a stunning focal point for any room. At Battaglia, Inc. Marble & Granite Collection, we can help you start on your remodelling or building project, so allow us to help you. We have a good selection of natural stones to choose from and we can give you some of our professional insight.

Homeowners’ two favorites include marble and granite tiles in Los Angeles. The choice between the two depends on the look you want to achieve or its main function and what the stone will be subjected to. While both are quarried from the earth, marble and granite are different from each other. To further understand what you are going for, here are their main differences:


Marble is among the most elegant and luxurious of stones that comes in a variety of colors and grades which complements practically any color scheme. Some of the most common marble shades include blue, ivory, pale pink, and dark grey which all have their own degree of translucency that never fails to add brightness to your home. It is also known for its prominent veining and splashes in dark and contrasting hues. Marble’s beauty will last for generations to come and since it is so versatile, it can be used all throughout the home in places such as fireplace surroundings, ornamental furnishings, walls, vanities, tub decks, flooring, and bathrooms.

While marble’s beauty is undeniable, the durability can deter homeowners. It is fairly porous and it can be scratched, stained, or dented quite easily. However, this can be avoided by applying a protective sealant upon installation and periodically throughout its surfaces. And since marble is known to be cold to the touch, it can transmit heat very well which is why it is perfect if you need a radiant floor heating in your home.


While marble is known to be elegant, granite on the other hand gives a rustic and distinct look. Natural colors range from creamy beige to gloomy gray shades with colorful hues that show up in the form of veining. It offers an earthy tone which is best suitable for modern homes looking for a natural appeal to their aesthetic. Granite has a textured surface and adds depth and intrigue to floors. While it is not as cold as marble, it can still be installed with radiant heating. Granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, bat tops, dining table, and flooring.

Unlike marble, granite is known to be much more durable and functional. This means it is not as susceptible to scratching, chipping, or denting. Denser and stronger, it can be an excellent choice for high traffic areas where class and style is desired.

With a clearer understanding now of the differences between marble and granite tiles in Los Angeles, these can help you make your final decision. You cannot go wrong with the wide variety of style to choose from. Give us a call today at Battaglia, Inc. Marble & Granite Collection at (310) 534-8884 and we will proudly serve you.