Collection of Stones for Countertops in Los Angeles

Countertops & Tile Surfaces

Finding the perfect countertop should not be much of a challenge, especially if you are with a reputable stone company such as Battaglia, Inc. Marble and Granite Collection. We offer the lowest priced for wholesale and retail high quality marble, granite, quartzite, travertine and more in Los Angeles. Whether you need granite slabs for your kitchen countertop or tile surfaces for your shower or bath room, we have got it all for you. We guarantee that our imported slabs are well crafted and made to perfection by skilled craftsmen.

Gazebos & Fireplaces

Aside from providing top of the line stones, we also build beautifully designed gazebos made mainly of marble, a raw iron dome, and fireplace mantels. A gazebo can be a fantastic focal point in your garden. Our exquisitely carved gazebos mostly feature stately columns ranging from 10’ in diameter and 12’ high to larger options, depending on your preference. On one hand, we are also delighted to provide trendy fireplace mantels to step-up your home’s aesthetic and value.

And now, if you shop with Battaglia, Inc. Marble Co., you will get 10% discount on your first purchase when checking in on yelp. Get yourself some gazebos, fireplace mantels, or granite countertops in Los Angeles for a discounted price!